Friday, 19 October 2012

Have Joyful Vacations in Kuala Lumpur with Discounted Air Tickets from Crystal Travel

Kuala Lumpur is one of the finest and popular destinations in Malaysia renowned for its marvelous modern architectures and culture depth. The city has number of iconic and ravishing landmarks that can be enjoyed in your upcoming vacations by low cost airline tickets to Kuala Lumpur. The city is the cultural, economical and financial center of Malaysia because of so many enjoyable locations that one can not be left without visiting.

The city is also blessed with the natural locations that will be like second heaven for nature lovers. Places like rain forests, aquariums and parks are the places where one can admire the beauty of diversity of nature. All this scenic fun will be yours by finding trip to Kuala Lumpur with Crystal Travel.

Because of situated in rain forests, the climate of Kuala Lumpur is very amusing in every month of year. There one can witness the completely unpredictable weather on any day.

With low budget flight tickets to Kuala Lumpur from London one can visit to Petronas Twin Tower, the tallest twin buildings in the world joined by a bridge and one can get an aerial view of Kuala Lumpur from the top of these towers. One can also visit to Minara Kuala Lumpur Tower which is even higher then the Petronas Twin Tower.

Best Places to Visit in Kuala Lumpur

The city has plenty of famous destinations where one can visit, like KL Bird Park where one can witness more then 2000 birds living in their natural abode. The Park showcases the enrichment of Malaysian Rain Forests. There are number of species that live in the same Park together.

Also one can witness the trees that are higher then 10 storey building and so many rich evergreen trees. This is the place where one can admire the beauty and lush view of nature. If one is nature lover then can also visit to KL Butterfly Park, Orchid Garden and Lake Garden that has a wonderful view of diversity of nature that can be witnessed with cheapest flights tickets to Kuala Lumpur.

The Petronas Twin Tower is like the center of attraction in Kuala Lumpur as it is the tallest twin tower in the world and gives a beautiful aerial view of Kuala Lumpur. The tower’s entrance lobby showcases the culture and heritage of Malaysia by Handicrafts and carvings. For the height lovers there is also Minara Kuala Lumpur Tower which is even higher then Petronas Twin Tower. The Minara Tower gives an amazing bird eye view of city.

There are also so many places to visit like Agong’s Palace the residence of Malaysian King, National Mosque, National Museum, and Petaling Street the Malaysian China Town and much More.

If one has time to travel, they can go at FRIM, the Forest Research Institute of Malaysia located 16 km from city to experience the real rainforests spread in over 1500 hectares. This is the place where one can experience the rich fauna of Malaysia. Also one can visit to the Batu Caves, a holy temple of Hindus and a series of caves and cave temples of around 400 million years old.

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