Friday, 12 July 2013

Bali – For a Bright, Breathtaking and Balmy Summer Season

Bali, isle where Gods reside, is the most prominent stretch of Indonesia. For several years, the iconic isle has been receiving masses of holidayers seeking a rejuvenating respite in its calm and classy ambience. Its rugged curves wrapping dazzling mountains, captivating coastline, shimmering beaches, widely expended rice fields and lined coconut tress, all not just form a serene surrounding on God’s isle, also ensure that voyagers catching flights to Bali find their ways to get close to nourishing nature.

The isle doesn’t have a very frequent transportation system, dining scene is not top notch, its culture is far different from your modern town, bars and dance clubs are quite few in numbers. But, is this what you want?
No doubt, Bali is distinct and will cater a much distinct holiday experience, but exploring its off-the-charts culture, majestic beauty and outstanding way of living will surely entice you for a lifelong.    

Here is the list of 3 Must Do Things in Bali

1. Stay. Sip. Shop. Spin. Sense Kuta

Few travelers hopping back on return Bali flights may advise you to not to go to Kuta, but don’t take it seriously.  Beyond few touristy traps, there is ocean much to see and do. Smart shopper will not bother skipping heaps of fake branded goods on sell here, from sunglasses, clothing to movie CDs.  Go for some traditional fabrics, costumes, accessories, and all at very extremely low prices. The region is also home of isle’s cheapest restaurants, hotels and lounges. When the sun sets down, you can slip into its bars and cafes, and it won’t go beyond your budget anyhow.        

2. Make a Stroll to Isle’s Monkey Temple

Monkeys are seen as messengers of gods, here on the isle. In fact, there is a whole temple dedicated to monkeys in Uluwatu at the isle. Pilgrims come here and feed food to hundreds of wild monkey stay here as their home. Beware as all moneys are not God’s messengers, few are trained thieves who can steal your costly sunglasses, mobiles and hats like a professional.

3. Hop on Surfing Board

Coming back from Bali holidays without trying surfing for once will be a big mistake. Regarded as the paradise of surfers, Bali has some of finest surfing spots over the world.  Kuta, Seminyak, Uluwatu Bingin and many more, options are uncountable. Special guides are recommended for beginners. Watching professional surfers practicing mesmerizing adventure over the waves of blue is also a big fun.     

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  1. Im planning a flight from hong kong to bali and came across with your post when I am searching on Google. I will go there duting summer time and will do the things you mentioned on this blog post


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