Thursday, 13 June 2013

Know Places where Kids Enjoy in Jakarta

Rising from the lower regions of Bogor Hills, the youthful, rambling metropolis from Indonesia, the one great city world know as Jakarta. Book now for cheap tickets to Jakarta and explore this sprawling Indonesian cosmopolitan and its various shades and contrasts over these holidays.

Jakarta is an energetic city, the great range of sites and activities made this city a hotshot among the holiday destinations of the region. Most of the cities are visited by families, where kids are an essential part, let's see if you are visiting Jakarta, what this city offer you, where your kid can enjoy equally as you.

Jakarta is one rapidly growing and highly changing city from the northwestern regions of Indonesia, serving the nation as the capital city and the core center of financial, political and the cultural activities. Jakarta is one booming city loaded with plethora of attractions and great amenities making it one great place where you can spend nice holidays after getting off from cheap flights to Jakarta from London that you can also book from Crystal Travel in UK.

Kids Friendly Jakarta

Tidung Island

Located at a few hours in Northern side of Jakarta, Tidung Island is one gorgeous archipelago, where you can enjoy a great camping and fishing experience with your kid. Tidung Island is surrounded by beautiful natural places like reefs, beached, lagoons, etc. which is sort of an adventure for most of the kids as these things are now missing in modern metropolitan life.

Gelanggang Samudra

Gelanggang Samudra is one pretty amusement park located in Tanjung Priok region of the city. Although Gelanggang Samudra does not have those great and adrenaline hiking rides but still Gelanggang Samudra provides you opportunities where you and your kid can mingle and enjoy some creative time together.

 Perhaps the most popular recreational park in Jakarta, sitting at the northern tip of the city, Ancol Bay is one whole sum place where you can enjoy great rides, amazing beach, golf and many other activities. Ancol Bay is one place you can get bored  with in Jakarta.


Let your kid to be big and give him/her the experience where they can live big and bring them to Kidzania during your stay in Jakarta. Kidzania is small version of the city where your kid is big and world is small, a place where you can see how the world will flow if kids run it.

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