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Pleasure of Divine Philippine Food at Cebu

The city of Cebu is certainly a delight to visit to experience as well as explore the Asian tradition of one of the oldest civilization in this region. There are plenty of places to visit in Cebu where you can find the ultimate level of divine culture and magnificent historical as well panoramic sites giving away the glimpse of history and natural beauty respectively of this city. But, if you are looking for some delicious bites of Philippine food, this is the city where you will find the maximum diversity and flavors to taste some of the luscious dishes.

Here with the help of Crystal Travel and Tours, here we have come up with a list of some of the nicest and great places in Cebu to taste the ultimate flavors of Cebuano civilization.

Restaurants in Cebu for Delightful Philippine Food

Cebu's Original Lechon Belly

The most favorite and signature dish of Cebuano culture is its Lechon that are best served here. This is a renowned on road stall/shop at Parkmall where you will find plenty of people waiting in a queue for their turn of tasting the best Lechon ever in Cebu, The spicy level of this dish will give you a feeling of having a bite of heaven and lip-smacking taste of all time. This is a perfect pit-stop for having a break time and enjoying some of the marvelous dishes of Cebuano culture.

Last Filling Station

This is among the adorable and typical Cebuano restaurants in the city at Moalboal where you will find this amazingly beautiful and refreshing restaurant best for a great meal and to enjoy the bites among the liveliest gentry of local and tourists. Being at the beach-side, this restaurant has a great variation, view and variety of Philippine food. Apart from that, this restaurant also serves a variety of International food like pizzas, noodles and much more. The price can be a problem but totally affordable for those who have taken cheap flights tickets to Cebu from London.


As its name, the restaurant is the best Barbecue station in entire city and has some of the nicest BBQ ever. The wide range of seafood and so refresh too, this restaurant gives a great appetite as well as healthy food. Chicken, pork and seafood on barbecue is something that will pour your mouth with water instantly and with the service like they provide, it is a dream for foodies. Being a chain restaurant in Far East Asia, this restaurant showcases a variety of culture and tradition gathered from various parts of this continent.

Hukad Sa Golden Cowrie

This is one of the places where you will surely visit again and again to find not just some luscious food but also the company of lively and zealous locals and holidaymakers from around the world. At this emerging holiday destination of Philippines, the restaurants like this give a pleasure of being on a dream quest, meeting various people and having a quality time. As per the restaurant, the vast menu, quick service and large portions are enough to give you the most stuffing bite ever in the city without losing too much of cash.

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